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Performance at Your Fingertips

Introducing TypeDuo, the 2-in-1 accessory designed for Surface Pro and Surface Go users who crave precision, performance, and convenience. Created by a tablet PC user, TypeDuo seamlessly extends your device’s capabilities. Back our crowdfunding campaign for this sleek and multifunctional electronic accessory that offers incredible value.
TypeDuo is a 2-in-1 wireless keyboard adapter and USB hub for Microsoft Surface Pro devices. It includes a wireless keyboard adapter that magnetically connects to the Surface Pro type cover and a USB hub that provides connectivity options like USB, HDMI, SD, and microSD inputs for peripherals. TypeDuo is a compact and sleek device that offers efficiency and portability to Surface Pro users.
Attach the TypeDuo to your Surface Pro Touch cover to instantly convert it into a wireless keyboard attachment that’s compatible with any laptop or computer. Type Duo decodes your keystrokes and transmits data back to the attached receiver at lightning-fast speeds and with unbelievable accuracy. The second component as USB Hub allows you to connect all your peripherals with USB, USBC, HDMI, SD, and Micro SD ports. By using TypeDuo, you’ll not only be adding a sleek and beautifully designed wireless keyboard to your arsenal of tech but also a sleek USB hub for all your accessories. you’ll also be saving space, money, and effort.

Technical Specifications

We pride ourselves on the exceptionally high quality of our products, customer service, and support. Pre-purchase your TypeDuo today to experience performance at its best.

USB Hub:

Mechanical Connection
Tablet Connection
SD/Micro SD


Mechanical Connection
Electrical Connection
Battery & Power Management

The Wireless Keyboard Adapter

Thanks to our optimized BLE circuit, the wireless keyboard adapter can last for weeks of continuous use, using two AAA batteries (Included). We went with a single-use battery design so that you have one less thing to remember to charge.


TypeDuo’s USB hub is the ultimate productivity tool, boasting impressive features such as 2 USB ports with a powerful 4.5W max power supply, a USB-C port with female PD and 20V @ 3A max power adapter input, a high-speed USB-C power supply up to 4.5W max, a male USB-C, and an SD/TF card reader with a built-in conversion chip. The HDMI adapter supports 4K video at 60HZ, making it ideal for presenting high-quality presentations. Connect multiple devices and transfer data quickly and easily with TypeDuo’s versatile USB hub.

The TypeDuo is in A League of Its Own

Our HDMI to USB-C adapter and wireless keyboard attachment is unlike anything currently available in the industry. Instead of using multiple devices to achieve the same level of performance from your range of Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Go devices, you now only need to use one. Get all the benefits of an HDMI to USB/USB-C adapter, while enjoying the convenience and style of a stunning wireless keyboard when you convert your Surface Pro Touch cover.

Compatibility Beyond Compare

Unlike our competitors, our TypeDuo isn’t limited to a certain model of Microsoft Surface devices. You can connect to any Surface Pro, Surface Go, tablets, mobile devices, and more while enjoying access to a perfectly designed and versatile wireless keyboard. Thanks to its USB-C capabilities, your TypeDuo becomes instantly compatible with virtually any device.

TypeDuo VS Others

  • TypeDuo
  • Essager 12-in-1
  • Anker 565 11-in-1
Features TypeDuoEssager 12-in-1Anker 565 11-in-1
USB 3.22 ports2 ports2 ports
USB 2.0NA2 portsNA
USB-C -InputPD-20V @3ANAPD-20V @3A
USB-C ChargingPD-20V @3A 87W100W100W
HDMI4K @ 60HZ4K @ 60HZ2K @ 60Hz
Wireless Keyboard AdapterIncludedNot includedNot included
PRICE$120 (MSRP)$80$89
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About TypeDuo:

TypeDuo is a game-changing 2-in-1 wireless keyboard adapter and USB hub designed specifically for Microsoft Surface Pro devices.
TypeDuo consists of two pieces—a wireless keyboard adapter that magnetically connects to the Surface Pro type cover keyboard, and a USB hub that provides various connectivity options.
Absolutely! TypeDuo converts your Surface Pro keyboard into a wireless keyboard, allowing you to detach it and use it wirelessly.
The TypeDuo USB hub features USB, HDMI, and SD/TF card reader ports, providing versatile connectivity options for peripherals.
Yes, the TypeDuo HDMI adapter supports up to 4K video at 60Hz, ensuring a high- quality display experience.
TypeDuo is specifically designed for Microsoft Surface Pro devices and may not be compatible with other Surface models.
TypeDuo is sleek and compact, making it easy to carry and use wherever you go. Q: Can I connect multiple devices simultaneously with TypeDuo’s USB hub? A: Absolutely! TypeDuo’s USB hub allows you to connect multiple devices, such as external hard drives, monitors, and cameras, simultaneously.
Yes, TypeDuo provides a power supply to ensure efficient connectivity and functionality of the USB hub.
Yes, TypeDuo’s USB hub features both USB-A and USB-C ports, allowing compatibility with a wide range of devices.
Absolutely! TypeDuo’s HDMI port enables you to connect your Surface Pro to a TV or external display for seamless content sharing.
You can easily pre order TypeDuo by supporting our Kickstarter campaign.